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Our history

CLS is a cell repository specializing in the global distribution of cell lines and cell-derived products to academia and industry, with more than 500 continuous cell lines from various tumors, tissues and species.

We were founded in 1998 with the mission of preserving research for future generations of scientists, providing researchers with authenticated cell cultures free of unwanted viral or bacterial contaminations.


We are directing our efforts towards a serum-free cell culture society. Already having grown more than 30 cell lines free of any serum additives, CLS is pursuing to adapt more than 100 cell lines to serum-free conditions by 2025 without altering their genetic markup, expression profile or growth characteristics. We do not only want to fight the reproducibility crisis but to preserve the future of science.

Mission statement

Preserving contemporary research for future generations of scientists.


2022 Launch of new website www.cls.shop

2021 Creating an easy-to-use website to facilitate the process of purchasing products. To reduce the waste produced by our facilities through the digitalization of daily processes.

2020 Working towards a better cell culture society by adapting 20+ cell lines originating from different tissues to serum-free conditions.
Digitalizing our laboratory processes for better insights into the data, thus ultimately benefitting our customers by providing cell lines optimized for fast and reliable growth.
Establishment of a HLA-data bank using gDNA from tumor cell lines and immortalized B-LCLs.

2019 Adaption of various cell lines to proliferate in chemically-defined serum-free or in hPL-supplemented Media. Enlargement of the portfolio by seven fluorescence labeled cell lines from the J. Ellenberg laboratory. Permission to handle EBV according to risk level L1/L2.

2018 Certification according to ISO9001:2015 accomplished. Exosomes, manufactured from HaCaT, HEK293 and HROC24 cells, are being launched.

2017 Reprogramming of human dental pulp stromal stem cells into iPSC cells.

2016 Distribution of iPSCs (Induced Pluripotent Stemcells) in cooperation with CET.

2015 The CLS webshop www.clsgmbh.de goes online.

2014 The product range - Premade Western Blots - is launched.

2013 Permission as Gentechnisches Labor S1/S2. Extension of the CLS portfolio by DPSCs (Dental Pulp Stem cells).

2012 In 2012, the CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH is founded.

2011 Succesful certification to ISO 9001:2008; CLS acquires the license of the University Clinical Center, Heidelberg, to distribute Glioblastoma and HNSCC cell lines.

2010 CLS acquires the license of EMBLEM Heidelberg to culture and distribute various cell lines.

2009 CLS moves into larger business rooms.

2006 The CELL STRETCHER is implemented into the CLS portfolio.

2005 CLS acquires the licence of the DKFZ Heidelberg to culture and distribute the HaCaT cell line.

2004 Acquisition of CLS Cell Lines Service by Dr. Rosemarie Steubing.

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