Cell banking


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Product information "Cell banking"

CLS offers cell banking service for your precious human or animal cells, derived from tissue or blood from patients or healthy individuals, or as already established cell line. We will gently freeze and store your cellular material in the ultra-low temperature environment of liquid nitrogen (at approx. -190°C). Additionally, we can expand your cells in in vitro culture before the freezing process so that sufficient material is always available upon further request. On demand, we will also thaw the cells again and provide you with fresh vital cells in culture. 

Deep frozen cells are an ideal deposit for future application in basic research or for medical use and is a reasonable alternative for costly continuous cell culture. The application of cells starting from the frozen original material ensures the authentic genetic background whereas in long term cell culture genetic shifts and possible cross-contaminations may occur. 

We can also secure the identity of your original cells by genetic fingerprinting (STR analysis) and absence of bacterial contamination, preferentially of mycoplasms before the freezing process. Antibiotic treatment to erase mycoplasms can be performed. Of course, your order and the storage will be handled confidentially and with greatest care.

Our service includes

  • Standardized price for the storage of up to 100 cryovials (minimum amount) per month
  • Gentle freezing process in liquid nitrogen
  • Confidential storage


  • Cells must be tested for the absence of mycoplasma (Can be performed as a service)

The below services can be performed against a surcharge

  • Shipment of stored cells at any point
  • Expansion of your cells on demand
  • Providing you with fresh vital cells in culture on demand 
  • Identity (STR analysis) and mycoplasma testing
Contamination-free cells
To identify mycoplasma contaminations we perform PCR-based and luminescence-based mycoplasma assays. We further determine any bacterial or fungal contamination through our standardized manufacturing processes.
Bulk order
Besides genomic DNA, RNA, cell pellets, and cell lysates in bulk, we can offer large quantities of assay-ready cells, plated cells in multiple formats, and frozen or growing cells. Contact us to receive a quote.
Authenticated cells
Each manufactured batch of cell lines* is authenticated via STR analysis. Contact us if you require a publication-ready STR report for your cells (*human, hamster, mouse, rat, and dog cells).
HLA alleles
HLA characterization is available from more than 200 cell lines. HLA class I -A, B, C, and Class II HLA-DPA1, -DPB1, -DQA1, DQB1, and DRB1 alleles were obtained by next-generation sequencing methodologies (NGS) for class I and class II alleles.