Technical support

Sometimes we are not available by phone, or you have questions about a specific topic such as cell cultivation. Please feel free to send us an email. If you have any questions about your order or invoice, please contact our team via contact sheet, email or phone.

Biosafety levels

Biological material can pose a danger to staff and the environment. Therefore, the biological material must be handled according to the established requirements.

Biosafety level 1 (BSL-1)

BSL-1 material poses only a low risk to healthy adults and present minimal potential hazard to laboratory personnel and the environment. No specialized laboratory equipment is needed but standard laboratory safety measures are required. Aerosol formation must be avoided, and proper disinfection is needed.
We at CLS can sell BSL-1 material without customers requiring special permits.

Biosafety level 2 (BSL-2)

BSL-2 material is associated with human disease and poses moderate hazards to healthy adult humans and the environment. Cell culture work must be performed under a biosafety cabinet to protect against aerosols. Also, an autoclave and a sink for handwashing must be present in the laboratory. Access to BSL-2 laboratories must be restricted.

All BSL-2 material must be transported via a specialized logistics service and cannot be shipped via normal courier services.

Customers that can purchase BSL-2 material without restrictions or requiring permits:

  • Universities (in the EU)
  • Governmental bodies (in the EU)
  • Human and veterinary medical examination facilities located in the EU if these:
    • perform sterility testing and other work for microbiological quality assurance in the manufacture, testing and monitoring of the circulation of medicinal products and medical devices
    • perform sterility testing and other work for microbiological quality assurance, if these are carried out by physicians, veterinarians, or dentists, and are provided for by the respective professional chamber.

Type of authorization required:
Permission, according to §44 IfSG, to work with BSL-2 biomaterial. If it is unclear what kind of permit is required, please contact us for more information.