What detachment solutions to you recommend?

To detach adherent growing cells, we usually use Accutase, in some cases TrypLE Express or Trypsin. For more information, please have a look at the product sheet which can be found in the respective product page as a PDF file.

What do you have to consider when thawing cells?

First, bring the water bath to 37°C. Remove the tube with the frozen cells from the nitrogen tank and transport it to the laboratory on dry ice. Thaw the tube quickly in the water bath using tweezers; the sample should not be completely thawed, but still have a small lump of ice. Disinfect the outside of the tube with 80% ethanol. All further steps must be performed under a sterile workbench.

How should frozen cells be stored after receipt?

The cells must be stored at temperatures below -150°C immediately after receipt.

Where can I find MSDS sheets?

The Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be found in the respective product page as a PDF file.

How can I obtain a Certifiate of Analysis?

Certificates of analysis for our products are available per request. Please contact us with the lot number of the products we have sent you.

How does ordering work?

We offer transparent licensing fees and digital contracts that enable many commercial applications without having to go through a time-consuming licensing process. Place your order via the online store and we will contact you for further details or simply process your order.

How can I figure out shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on the country you are ordering from and will vary greatly due to the amount and kind of product(s) ordered. Please have a look at our shipping cost section for more information.

In which countries do you have distributors?

We ship products to all countries but will sometimes prefer to forward you to one of our distributors to ease the ordering and shipping process. This further enables you to pay in your national currency, possibly voiding you from bothersome duties and taxes. Please have a look at our distributor section for more information.