Product use policy

Make your research material available to the global research community. We conclude licensing agreements with you or your technology transfer office and from there handle everything in respect to your technology regarding initial transfer, storage, manufacturing, sales, licensing, and sharing profits with you on a regular basis.

  • in human subjects
  • for therapeutic, diagnostic or prophylactic purposes.
  • for sale, license, lease, export, transfer, or other distribution of the CLS Material, Progeny, Unmodified Derivatives and Modifications or products derived thereof, even if sold for use in research (for exceptions please refer to our Supply Agreement)
  • for Human pharmaceuticals
  • as Food and beverage manufacture
  • for Clinical diagnostics
  • for QA/QC biological release, potency, and/or viral clearance
  • for Wastewater treatment and septic additives
  • as Nutraceuticals.
To ensure that customers receive their cell lines swiftly, we digitalized our ordering process by offering click-through Supply Agreements.
Customers can order most cell lines through the online shop by registering with us and agreeing to the click-through Supply Agreements before checkout. We will add licensing fees to the shopping card of commercial customer automatically. 

Terms of usage

We limited the term of usage of our cell lines and primary cells to 5 years. If you wish to continue using a research product afterwards, simply pay a small annual licensing fee as shown in the Supply Agreement.

Licensed items

If a cell line is licensed to CLS by a partnering university or research institute our customers cannot purchase the cell line through the online shop. The cell line may be subject to individual terms and licensing fees as required by the licensor. Please contact us for further information.