Vero Cells

Discover the characteristics and uses of Vero cells, a widely used continuous cell line for vaccine development and virus research. Explore ten important publications in Vero cell research in this article.

Chlorocebus aethiops


COS-1 cells

Explore the characteristics, advantages, limitations, and research applications of the COS-1 cell line derived from monkey kidney tissue. Find helpful resources for culturing and transfection, and order the cell line for your research study.

Neuroblastoma cells


SH-SY5Y cells

Discover the applications and benefits of using the SH-SY5Y cell line in neurobiology research. Learn how to culture and maintain these cells with our helpful protocols and videos. Order now to begin your research journey with SH-SY5Y cells.

Cancer cells and cancerous malignant cell tumour growth in a human body caused by carcinogens and genetics, leukemia or lymphoma, hemotherapy or radiation therapy


THP-1 cells

Discover the basics of the THP-1 cell line, including its origin, culturing information, advantages, and limitations. Explore research applications and find resources such as protocols and videos.



NIH-3T3 Cells

Discover the NIH-3T3 cell line's susceptibility to viral propagation. Learn about its uses in DNA transfection, cell-based assays, and cell cycle control studies, as well as its tetraploid and spontaneously immortalized nature.



HaCaT Cells

Discover the world of HaCaT cells in our latest blog post. Learn about their role in skin biology and wound healing, and explore their unique characteristics and behavior.

Drug delivery at intestinal cells


Caco-2 cells

Unravel the mysteries of Caco-2 cells! Discover the origins, characteristics, advantages, and limitations of this essential cell line for drug discovery and permeability studies. Learn how to culture and handle Caco-2 cells.

Close-up cancer on liver cells


HepG2 cells

Unlock the full potential of the HepG2 cell line in drug metabolism and liver disease research with our exciting new blog. Stay up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs and developments!

B-lymphocyte releases antibodies against coronaviruses SARS-CoV-2. The viruses cannot penetrate into their target cells and are engulfed and destroyed by a macrophage

Explore the RAW 264.7 cell line - an easy-to-culture in vitro model of macrophages with many applications in research. Learn its origin, characteristics, and culturing protocols to unlock its potential for groundbreaking discoveries!



A549 Cells

Discover all the essential information about the A549 cell line for lung cancer research. Our guide covers its characteristics, applications, and pros & cons, as well as recent studies that demonstrate its versatility.

Chinese hamster


CHO Cells

Discover the fascinating history and remarkable potential of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells in biomedical research and industry, from biotherapeutics to antibody production.

Lobular breast carcinoma with high ER expression demonstrated through Immunohistochemistry


MX-1 Cells

Unlock the potential of MX-1 cells in your research - Get the inside scoop on this human breast adenocarcinoma cell line. Discover its origin, applications, culture conditions, and more in our latest blog post on MX-1 cells.