hela cervical cancer SEM teaser


Hep2 cells

Explore the Hep 2 cell line, an immortalized human cervical adenocarcinoma cell line widely used in various fields of research. Discover its origin, culturing information, applications, advantages, limitations, and research publications.

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MG-63 cells

Unleash the research potential of MG-63 cells, a versatile osteosarcoma cell line. Study bone-related processes, viability, and adhesion. Discover applications, protocols, and research publications.

Colon cancer microscopic photography, magnification x400 teaser


HT-29 cells

HT-29: a versatile cell line for cancer research, bacterial infection modelling, and toxicology studies. Sensitivity to chemotherapy, resemblance to mature intestinal cells, and valuable applications. Explore its origin, culture, and resources.

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U-87 MG cells

Discover U-87 MG, a widely used glioblastoma cell line in neuroscience and immuno-oncology research. Learn about its origin, culturing, advantages, limitations, research applications, publications, and resources.

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Raji cells

Discover the Raji cell line, an immortalized human cell line derived from Burkitt's lymphoma. Explore its characteristics, culturing information, advantages, disadvantages, applications, research publications, and resources in this comprehensive article.