Cell culture services

Focus on discovery instead of laborious cell production or quality control testing.

Cell culture services that cover the specific needs of scientists looking for support in cell culture technology, cell characterization, cell line establishment, and cell characterization.

We offer more than two decades of experience in cell culture services handling more than 800 tumor cell lines from a vast spectrum of human and animal cancers, primary tumors, metastases, primary cells, and healthy but spontaneously immortalized cells. Our extensive knowledge with primary or established cell models, human and animal cancer cells, our experience with custom service projects, and our state-of-the-art facility enable us to offer a large variety of cell culture services to suit various specific needs.

1.      Cell lines and cell products bulk preparations

2.      Ready-to-use cells or cell banks

3.      Establishment of cell lines

4.     Cell culture quality control

5.      Cell banking and storage in liquid nitrogen

6.     Transfections using our cell lines or your cells


1.        Cell lines and cell products bulk preparations

Our extensive cell culture service experience and large in-house facilities allow for a quick turnaround and enable us to meet your requests.

Besides the scale up of cell lines, we can also produce large amounts of cell pellets, genomic DNA, RNA, cell culture supernatants, cell lysates, or exosomes derived from primary cells or established cell lines. Our know-how entails scale-up services using primary or cancer cells from human, mouse, rat, hamster, and dog origin, and includes proficiency in the handling of difficult cell lines such as B lymphoblastoid cells derived from blood.


2.       Ready-to-use cells or cell banks

To lower your workload, we can prepare and store working and master cell banks for you and expand your cell culture.

·         Expansion of primary or established cells: We grow primary cells or established cell lines and can produce the desired amounts at various scales and seed the cells in any format desired such as cryovials, well plates, or microtiter plates, and can offer cell banking services for many formats.

·         Working and master cell banks: Store your precious cells with us and retrieve them whenever your team needs them. We can always ship out the cells within one week, in Europe within the next day after your request.


3.       Establishment of cell lines

We have extensive experience in establishing cell lines from tissue or blood cells. Discover our ability to establish cell lines from most healthy and diseased tissue using our standardized methods. Our extensive cell culture experience allows us to expand any sample ranging from blood to tissue culture.


4.      Cell culture quality control

Reproducibility is crucial and requires extensive quality control and high-quality samples.

Cell culture services available are:

·         Cell line authentication: Neglecting cell authentication at the start of a project can lead to lost time, money, research efforts and publications. Our STR testing of human, mouse, rat, hamster, and dog cells can detect any genetic deviation. The genomic cell line data is analyzed against the Cellosaurus database to generate a unique barcode and identity profile. A publication-ready cell line authentication report will enable you to submit the cell identity with the journal desired for publishing your research.

·         Fungal or bacterial contamination and viability testing: All samples or cells cultured are routinely monitored for fungal or bacterial contaminations.

·         Mycoplasma testing: Highly sensitive mycoplasma testing for your samples. We use a two-point detection system using PCR-based methods and an enzyme-based luminescence readout. If a contamination is detected in the cells, we can treat the sample with antibiotics or antimycotics if desired.

·         Viral testing: Viral detection of diseases such as HIV-1, HBV and HCV can be performed via amplification of DNA or RNA and detection of nucleic acids through probe hybridization.


5.       Cell banking and storage in liquid nitrogen

As an independent cell bank, we have an on-site biorepository and are able to store large amounts of working or master cell banks in our facility. Store your cell cells with us to facilitate your research.

·         Controlled rate freezing process preserving the viability of cells

·         Stored samples can be retrieved any time

·         We can use our proprietary freeze medium with or without serum


6.      Transfections using our cell lines or your cells

Our transient or stable transfection cell culture services can be configured from the below services:

·         We can synthesize a large number of plasmids and linearize them for stable transfection

·         Clonal cell line development

·         Protein expression can be verified through Western Blot analysis of clones via antibody detection, ELISA, or flow cytometry.


Connect with us to discuss and determine your research or project needs. We are dedicated to deliver you the highest quality of individualized services, please contact us through email, contact sheet, or telephone.